Hey all, this will be something of a list that I will be adding to over time, so I will keep it all in it’s own category. Oh and if you disagree or want to add to any of these, please feel free to do so in the comments 🙂

These are just a few things I have come across on my journey to becoming an adult (not sure if that is a destination or not to be honest. And do bear in mind that I’m a Brit so there may be some translation jumps needed for some readers but I think most of these will be applicable in all places


  •  Financial stuff (bills, trouble with the bank etc etc) is much better sorted out sooner rather than later (a cliche and a bit obvious but definitely true!)
  • If you are paying for a service (tv, internet, deliveries etc) and the service is not up to scratch, then make the service provider aware. You have paid for the service and therefore held up your end of the bargain, make sure they hold up theirs. This applies to landlords/rental agreements too! However this is not an instruction to be an arse to the first person you get on the phone about the problem, chances are none of the problems you are experiencing are their fault in the slightest. Be clear that you are not happy, but ask who you need to be speaking to, and actually speak to them.
  • If your milk has gone off, pour it down the sink with plenty of water, WHEN you first realise, do NOT put it back in the fridge to be dealt with later (particularly if you live by yourself), it will start to turn to yoghurt and the plastic bottle will try to explode… not to mention the smell!
  • And finally (for now) Find a job that you enjoy in some way, you’re gonna spend most of your life at work so you might as well get some pleasure out of it.